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Bronze Biologic Instant Tan
Aerosol Spray Can

Bronze Biologic Instant Tan is a safe, cosmeceutical, non alcohol, sunless aerosol spray can with 100% Whole Leaf Aloe Vera. Instant Tan is a great item for clients that are going out of town, need a touch up during the week, can't make it to their next appointment, or just need a quick tan. Instant Tan contains our Bronze Biologic cosmeceutical tanning solution, read more....

Instant Tan is the latest in sunless tanning technology. Forget lotions or pump sprays that leave uneven, orange looking tones. Our Bronze Biologic aerosol spray tan leaves you with a perfect looking, even tan with no hassle. Avoid harmful UV rays, and other toxic products . Instant Tan is the safest, easiest way to touch up your Bronze Biologic spray tan at home or on the go!

Instant Tan is a benzene and alcohol free, sunless aerosol self tanner. This eliminates the stinging effect you get with many other aerosol tanning products and is also an environmentally friendly product because of the type of propellant and packaging system we use.

Our Instant Tan also features a unique designed spray nozzle that gives you the correct spray pattern and application pressure to assure an even application with little to no fogging. We even formulated this product with our premiere Cosmeceutical tanning solution formula that has been used by many of our salons, spas, and customers with great results and success.

Instant Tan is the only safe aerosol spray tan that does not contain toxic ingredients. The color guide is a special dark instant bronze that contains our natural premiere beet and cane sugar extracts with NO chemicals, dyes, alcohol, or perfumes. You will find this product very easy to apply with NO streaking or rubbing required.

Retail Price $29.95 per can
Volume Discounts Avaliable

Bronze Biologic

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