If at any time you find a better offer from any of our competitors, Bronze Biologic will do our best to meet or beat any other price in this category!


  • All Bronze Biologic tanning solutions are MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA.† Many spray on tan companies have attempted to come to the US from other countries such as Australia and the UK with limited results and can never offer the service and quality of Bronze Biologic.
  • Better tanning solution that is botanical, safe, and has an incredible color.† Bronze Biologic is the first company to introduce a cosmeceutical spray on tanning solution.† Our premiere tanning solutions are formulated with beet and cane sugar extracts and DO NOT contain any toxic chemicals, dyes, perfumes, alcohol, oils, or artificial colors.†
  • Bronze Biologic solutions are manufactured with a proper ph and contain only natural occurring preservatives, for stability and shelf life, which is an important factor that many companies overlook and may be the reason why many of them turn orange, green, or some other un-natural looking color.† Our solution is compatible with all other spray on equipment but will work best through our Bronze Biologic equipment.
  • Fresher tanning solution that is made consistently and regularly here in the USA and created in climate controlled facility in our warehouse right up until the time the bottles are sent to you, our valued customers.† Many foreign companies ship their tanning solution from Australia and the UK and other countries which can take several months for the bottles to reach the USA and then eventually to you place of business because they are manufactured, shipped, stored, and imported from other countries very far away.† This can create a rancid, unstable product with a very short shelf life that may result in the tanning solution turning bad and not delivering a good, bronze color.
  • Bronze Biologic is NOT an ordinary airbrush system and can be applied in just a few minutes. Our revolutionary delivery system will prevent over-spray, streaking, discoloration, and lost profits. Our system delivers a perfect tan every time.
  • Better technology that is unsurpassed by any other company.† Our tanning machines are designed with the latest research and most efficient technology in the world and our tanning solution has been highly researched and tested.† You may visit our equipment page to get more information.
  • Stronger company with years of experience.† Bronze Biologic is a fully integrated company with headquarters, warehouses, and offices in Dallas, Texas. We control and manage every aspect of our business from manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, shipping handling, order entry, and customer service.  This allows us to provide not only the best quality of products but also an excellent customer service relationship with all of our valued clients.  We have taken advantage of all our key contacts and assembled a team of corporate professionals that excel in every department they oversee. † Bronze Biologic has access to several large warehouses and fulfillment centers throughout the USA utilizing all major shipping carriers for quicker, more reliable delivery to any location throughout the country and the world.  We have relationships in many key territories and major cities, which allows us to offer much better customer service, training, marketing, and follow up.
  • Superior skin care products and accessories with proven and results and safety. Every product that we offer has been extensively tested and meets the highest of customer satisfaction.

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