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About Bronze Biologic

The formulators of several successful health and wellness products developed by a professional team of doctors, nutritionists, biochemists, and leading health experts have focused their attention on the natural tanning and skin care industry. As leaders in the development of all natural health supplements, our focus has always been placed on purity, safety, high quality ingredients, and state of the art technology.

We have taken those same core values that created success in the wellness industry, and combined that with the most effective ingredients we could find and the expertise of the same professional team of formulators. We diligently applied these resources and vast knowledge of all natural nutrition to the formulation of a botanical, safe, and advanced cosmeceutical spray on tanning solution that we are proud to call Bronze Biologic.

Bronze Biologic is a fully integrated company with headquarters, warehouses, and offices in Dallas and Irving, Texas. We control and manage every aspect of our business from manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, shipping handling, order entry, and customer service.  This allows us to provide not only the best quality of products but also an excellent customer service relationship with all of our valued clients.  We have taken advantage of all our key contacts and assembled a team of corporate professionals that excel in every department they oversee.Bronze Biologic has access to several large warehouses and fulfillment centers throughout the USA utilizing all major shipping carriers for quicker, more reliable delivery to any location throughout the country and the world. We have relationships in many key territories and major cities, which allows us to offer much better customer service, training, marketing, and follow up.

Bronze Biologic is the first company to introduce a cosmeceutical grade natural spray on tanning solution. Bronze Biologic is continually raising the bar in the industry and committed to providing the finest products and services in the world today.

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