Optimize Your Dollars Per Square Footage!
Bronze Biologic will show you how to add to your bottom line profit. Whether it be at your business location, on the go, or at home; you will have incredible financial success with Bronze Biologic cosmeceutical spray on tanning. 

The spray on tanning business is in high demand as consumers become more educated about the dangers of sun exposure and UV tanning beds. The Bronze Biologic system is simply the best investment decision you will ever make in regards to sunless tanning. Bronze Biologic profit margins will garantee you the highest returns possible. 

For more information and to receive a more detailed profitability analysis for business, please contact us.

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On The Go 

Not an owner of a Medical Spa or Salon and you still want to be a part of our team? The Bronze Biologic system will get you started in the highly profitable, luxury mobile spray on tanning business. Get your friends together and have a tanning party, have a great time, and put some extra money in your pccket. We predict that you’ll judge it to be the simplest, most wonderfully designed piece of essential beauty equipment you’ve ever known. A beautiful business idea!

Building Our Team

Bronze Biologic is the creator of the first cosmocuetical spray on tanning system in the world. We believe in being a part of something that matters.   Working with our unique and innovative products and with a company that you can believe in, is remarkably fulfilling. We are constantly working to create even more relevant, more useful, high quality, natural products for our industry. If you'd like to become a part of out team, Please contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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